I went to Level Scale Solutions because I needed help marketing my new book. I was given a wide range of doable, creative ideas to help promote the book... way beyond what I would have come up with on my own. I could tell my solutions were really tailored to my needs, not just a generic solution that I felt was standard for everyone.

I appreciated the friendly and low-key vibe. They weren’t trying to impress me or appear overly professional. The experience blew me away, actually. I wasn’t expecting a fraction of the great ideas and workable solutions. I would recommend Level Scale in a heartbeat!
— David Brazzeal, Author of "Pray Like a Gourmet," Brive-la-Gaillarde, France

Mama Gizzi Pasta recently relocated to a new area in Palm Beach County. We needed to reach out and generate new customers. Joe and Amy were very warm, engaged, interested, and sincerely wanted to help our business grow. Due to their knowledge with everything from various POS systems to marketing/social media and campaign strategies, my husband and I knew they had the expertise to help grow our business.

Level Scale found the right POS solution to grow our business and take it into the 21st century. Since working with Level Scale Solutions in May 2015, they have been very active in ideas, suggestions and advice, and troubleshooting whatever difficulties may arise or questions we might have. This they do with great efficiency and speed.

Out of 5 stars, I’d give them a 10. Joe is very knowledgeable, engaging, and quick at solving problems. He has a genuine concern for clients and will do anything to help solve problems regarding marketing and more.

I would recommend Level Scale to anyone who needs help with marketing, social media and would like to understand how this whole new arena works to the benefit of their business. They make it easy to understand and implement. They are always there when you call and give 110% every time.
— Leah Gizzi, Mama Gizzi Pasta, Lake Worth, FL

I approached Level Scale Solutions because I needed help with marketing and social media. They provided tutorials and helped reach many potential customers. I also learned a lot about the effects of social media. I really appreciate their personal approach. I would definitely recommend Level Scale Solutions to all small businesses.
— Luis Elu, Paella Grill, Greenacres, FL

We started working with Level Scale Solutions because we were looking for guidance to free us up to grow the business and assist us in making smarter business decisions. They offered great guidance, research in areas we wanted to grow into, help with our financial needs, and marketing assistance with areas that we did not have a lot of knowledge in.

Level Scale gave us great customer care. They listen to what you want and ask for, and they guide you to the right decisions. They don’t push you into something you aren’t comfortable with, and they help find ways that work just for you. VERY patient and understanding. Working with Level Scale was an all-round great experience. We found working with them very comfortable—friendly, reliable, and trustworthy.

I would recommend Level Scale Solutions to anyone and everyone. They are perfect for business owners who want to concentrate on specific areas of their business, or just need help with the areas that need help. They take your business as personally as you do and they understand your frustrations. Level Scale is a great one-stop shop with people who care about you and your business.
— Audrey Farrelly, Serenity Garden Tea House, West Palm Beach, FL

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